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Help End Unsustainable Shark Finning

Shark finning is the practice of slicing off a shark’s fins, valuable for soups, and then tossing the body back to sea. It’s wasteful, ecologically harmful, and makes it difficult to track what species are being caught and in what numbers. But you can make a difference by taking about 90 seconds to send off a letter to your senators to vote Yes on the Shark Conservation Act of 2009. The Ocean Conservancy has made it easy for you to tell your senators to help end shark finning. The bill, which already passed in the House of Representatives last March, is needed to end the practice in US waters and to step up shark conservation efforts in other countries. This bill would close loopholes in the already existing US finning ban, and can revitalize shark conservation efforts on a global scale.
 40 million sharks (that’s 40,000,000…a lot of zeros) are finned every year. The oceans can’t sustain this, and neither can we.

Click through to send off your letter and help out one of our oceans’ most valuable predators.